HOOLOO Electric Dab Rig with Bluetooth Speaker



Battery Capacity


Wax Coil

Porous Quartz,ceramic chamber

Dry Herb Coil

Vertical heating wire, ceramic chamber


Black, White, Wood


Temp control, Bluetooth Speaker


wax / dry herb /510 CBD cartridge (kit doesn't contain 510 CBD cartridge )

Product size


Temperature range

50℃-350℃ /122℉ -650℉

Charger Port

Type-C charging

Packing size

490g/pc, 11.5*18.3*11.3cm

Box size


HOOLOO Electric Dab Rig with Bluetooth Speaker

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2023)

HOOLOO Electric Dab Rig  Main Feature:

  • Battery Capacity: 1000mah
  • The HOOLOO Electric Dab Rig has a replaceable wax atomizer & Herb atomizer, bottom magnet link base, which is easy to take off.
  • Innovative wax atomizer: Porous quartz bottom heating, ceramic Coil-less chamber,no combustion
  • Innovative herb atomizer: Intermediate heating tech (ceramic rod + heating wire), ceramic chamber
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Water bong filter function
  • Fancy LED bar to indicate the temperature setting you are in
  • 15S Sesh-mode(Which will free your fingers)
  • USB-C charge , super convenient
Hooloo dab rig kit-12
Hooloo dab rig kit
Hooloo e dab rig-13
Hooloo e dab rig
Hooloo dab rig herb coil-6
Hooloo dab rig herb coil
Hooloo electronic dab rig wax coil-7
Hooloo electronic dab rig wax coil
Hooloo small dab rig-11
Hooloo small dab rig Highlight:
  • With a 1000mah battery capacity, Hooloo is powerful and durable.
  • The wax atomizer is threadless and easy to change. Besides it being coil-less, the heating element sits under the Quartz. So it never comes in direct contact with the extracts. It heats the quartz, which heats the wax. So vapor is purer.
  • Water bong filter function, which will cool down the vapor.( New bubbler glass will release soon)
  • 5 clicks to power on/off the device, 2x clicks for automatic heating, and there is breathing LED light on during heating,1x quicker to stop automatic heating.
  • Temp settings,3x clicks to change temperature settings/LED color: Blue(Low)   Green(Med)   Red(High)
  • Cell phone Bluetooth link, you can play your favorite music, giving you a physically and mentally enjoyable VAPE experience
  • The unique design makes him look more like a work of art and is very attractive on the table


Hooloo e rig
Hooloo e rig
Hooloo glass dab rig-9
Hooloo glass dab rig
Hooloo portable dab rig-10
Hooloo portable dab rig

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