As a disposable all-in-one vaping device, the AOVAPE V2 Disposable E Cig is equipped with a significant 450mAh battery, With 2.5ml prefilled e-juice and an optional medical grade cotton filter, it will give you a fantastic vaping experience and offers various flavors options.


Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Purple, Red


14.5 x 97.5mm

Pod Capacity


Battery Capacity



1.6 ohm

Nicotine Strength


price range: $2.75 – $29.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces.


(Last Updated On: October 15, 2021)

Disposable pod V2-1

Disposable Vape Pod V2-2
Disposable Vape Pod V2-2
Disposable e cig V2-3
Disposable e cig V2
Disposable e cigarettes V2-4
Disposable e cigarettes V2
Disposable pen V2-5
Disposable pen V2
Disposable dab pen V2-6
Disposable dab pen V2
disposable vape pen V2-7
disposable vape pen V2
Best disposable e cig v2-8
Best disposable e cig v2
Disposable e cig V2-9
Disposable e cig V2

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