VertiDip Wax Pen Vaporizer

The VertiDip Wax Pen, a versatile and innovative vaping device, offers an effortless experience with its magnetic connection system and three tailored modes – Session, CBD, and On-Demand – for a customizable and efficient vaping session.

Product Name

VertiDip Wax Pen Vaporizer


Dip wax pen or work as a 510 thread battery

The key selling point

Fully magnetive connection
All parts disassemble & Changeable
Easy to clean & Carrying

Variable Voltage

3.2V: Green, 3.6V: Blue, 4.2V: Red

Battery Capacity

650mAh Lithium Battery

VertiDip Wax Pen Vaporizer

Introducing the innovative VertiDip Wax Pen, a groundbreaking device in the realm of wax vaping. This pen revolutionizes the market with its magnetic connection system, a novel feature that sets it apart from standard 510 connections. Its design facilitates straightforward and quick assembly, making maintenance a breeze.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Works as a Dip Wax Pen and with a 510 Adaptor as a 510 Thread Battery for CBD Cartridges
  • Internal 650mAh Lithium Battery
  • Versatile Modes: On-Demand, Session, and CBD
  • Fully Magnetic Connection for Quick and Easy Assembly
  • All Parts are Detachable and Changeable for Customization
  • Simple Cleaning and Portability
  • Ergonomic Design with User-Friendly Ceramic Tube Heating
  • Adjustable Voltage Settings (3.2V: Green, 3.6V: Blue, 4.2V: Red)
  • Includes a 510 SCC Adaptor, Compatible with 510 Thread Cartridges

The VertiDip Wax Pen features three distinct modes for tailored vaping experiences:

  1. Session Mode: Activate by pressing the fire button twice. This mode allows the device to continuously operate for 15 seconds, providing a consistent session.
  2. CBD Mode: Engage this mode by pressing the fire button four times. It initiates a 2.0V, 10-second pre-heat, perfect for CBD oils.
  3. On-Demand Mode: In this mode, the device works for as long as you press the button, offering custom duration control. However, there’s a safety feature with a 15-second cutoff to prevent overheating.

Package Contents:

1 * VertiDip Wax Pen
1 * Coil Cap
1 * 510 SCC Adaptor for using CBD cartridges.
1 * Cleaning Brush Tool.
1 * Type-C Charging Cable for fast power-ups.
1 * User Manual to guide you through all the features.
The VertiDip Wax Pen is designed for those who value innovation and efficiency in their vaping experience. It’s a versatile device that caters to both wax enthusiasts and CBD cartridge users, promising a unique and satisfying experience.

VertiDip weed wax pen-1
VertiDip weed wax pen-1
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VertiDip marijuana wax pen-2
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VertiDip best wax vape pen-3
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VertiDip best pen for wax-5
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VertiDip wax pen for sale-6
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VertiDip wax vape pen for sale-7
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VertiDip wax vape pen for sale-8

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