Wanderbox Marijuana Vaporizer

Wanderbox redefines portable vaping with its innovative design, featuring an independent airpath and a SUS304 chamber for pure flavor. Equipped with a magnetic mouthpiece and a honeycomb briquet cooling system, it delivers exceptional vapor quality. The user-friendly interface, OLED display, and vibration feedback enhance your vaping experience, while the powerful 2200mAh battery ensures lasting performance. Wanderbox is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience for the modern vaper.

Product Name

Wanderbox marijuana vaporizer

Temp Range

300℉-435℉/149℃-224℃(40S to 224℃/435℉)

Heating Element


Battery Capacity

2200mAh/10C Discharge Lithium Battery

Quick Charging



Short-Circuit/Low Voltage/Overcurrent/Output Short

Wanderbox Marijuana Vaporizer

Wanderbox is the latest advancement in portable dry herb vaporizers, featuring a unique independent airpath.

The Wanderbox boasts a SUS304 chamber, exceptional independent air intake channels, and a magnetic mouthpiece with a honeycomb briquet cooling system. Designed for superior vapor production and flavor, Wanderbox is a standout in its class.

Its user-friendly design includes a 3-button interface, OLED display, and vibration feedback, making session customization and monitoring straightforward. Powered by a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery and USB-C fast charging, the Wanderbox is built for extended, reliable use.

Wanderbox Features:

  1. Ergonomic & Portable 3D Suitcase Shape
  2. Temperature Range: 300℉-435℉ / 149℃-224℃ (Heats to 224℃/435℉ in 40 seconds)
  3. Battery Capacity: 2200mAh/10C Discharge Lithium Battery
  4. Heating Element: FPC/0.5Ω
  5. Quick Charging: Type-C/1A/5V
  6. Multi-Protection: Short-Circuit, Low Voltage, Overcurrent, Output Short Protection

Packing Content:1 * Wanderbox Device ,   1 * Cleaning Brush,    1 * Mesh Filter Screen,    1 * Type-C Cable,    1 * User Manual

Wanderbox cannabis vaporizer01
Wanderbox cannabis vaporizer01
Wanderbox best marijuana vaporizers02
Wanderbox best marijuana vaporizers02
Wanderbox vaporizers for marijuana03
Wanderbox vaporizers for marijuana03
Wanderbox weed vaporizer04
Wanderbox weed vaporizer04
Wanderbox best dry herb vaporizer05
Wanderbox best dry herb vaporizer05


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