2024’s Top Four Disposable E-Cigarette Trends: A Comprehensive Outlook

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The Surge in E-Cigarette Exports and Future Outlook

The export market for electronic cigarettes has seen robust growth in recent years. Data released by the General Administration of Customs on December 20th indicates that China’s e-cigarette exports surpassed 70 billion Yuan in the first 11 months of 2023, with projections to hit 78 billion Yuan by the year’s end. As Chinese e-cigarette manufacturers continue to expand globally, markets in the USA, UK, Germany, and Russia are becoming increasingly saturated, leading to fierce competition and industry evolution. What trends are emerging for e-cigarettes in 2024?

1. Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable E-Cigarette Packaging

In Europe, environmental concerns are now a significant barrier to the disposable e-cigarette industry’s growth. Governments and consumers are becoming more aware of e-cigarettes’ environmental impact. For brands, enhancing disposable e-cig recycling and developing environmentally friendly products align with the current European market trend.

Companies like SMOORE are leading the way in eco-friendly e-cigarette solutions. It’s anticipated that by 2024, with the growing environmental debate in Europe, more manufacturers will adopt biodegradable materials like PLA and PBAT for packaging and casings, reflecting an eco-conscious shift in the industry.

2. Expansion Opportunities for Cartridge-Based and Bottled E-Liquids

Disposable e-cigarettes, due to their cost-effectiveness, diverse flavors, and convenience, saw a surge in popularity across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Russia in 2023. However, their disposable nature has drawn environmental concerns and regulatory scrutiny. In Europe, manufacturers are increasingly cautious about disposable e-cigarettes and are shifting towards cartridge-based systems from brands like HQD and Skol. The market share for cartridge-based e-cigarettes in Europe and Russia is expected to grow further in 2024.

Additionally, open-system e-cigarettes with bottled e-liquids, particularly popular in Southeast Asia, like Indonesia, are gaining traction. With significant investments by Chinese manufacturers in this region, the market for bottled e-liquids is expected to see substantial growth in 2024.

3. The Broad Application of MEMS Integrated Atomizer Heads

Atomizer heads are a crucial component in e-cigarettes. Traditionally, electret atomizer heads have been widely used, known for their stability and cost-effectiveness. However, as the e-cigarette industry evolves, the limitations of electret atomizer heads have become evident, such as poor oil resistance and inconsistency.

To address these issues, many companies are developing MEMS integrated atomizer heads, expected to be broadly implemented by 2024. Compared to traditional electret types, MEMS integrated atomizer heads offer better high-temperature resistance, oil resistance, and consistency in automated production.

4. Screen-Integrated E-Cigarettes Gaining Popularity in 2024

Initially, disposable e-cigarettes were simple due to cost and portability constraints. However, as the global market becomes more competitive, any innovative feature can make a product stand out, such as incorporating a screen to display e-liquid levels and battery status.

The cost difference between screen-integrated and non-screen e-cigarettes is minimal, yet the former significantly enhances user experience and adds a new selling point. With several brands launching screen-integrated e-cigarettes in 2023 and gaining popularity overseas, it’s anticipated that more brands will consider this feature in 2024, potentially leading to larger and even touch-sensitive screens for improved interaction.

What other trends do you foresee in the e-cigarette industry in 2024? Share your views in the comments section below.

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