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Aovape eDex Dab Pen

Aovape eDex Dab Pen Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there is always another to raise the bar!  Introducing the eDex vape pen from Aovape. The eDex portable pen is the latest offering from the stables of Aovape. The pen vape features an outstanding semi-transparent design and smart engineering that gives a satisfying vaping experience. The Aovape eDex …

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Buzzle Dab Pens for Wax-5

How to use Aovape Buzzle Wax Pen?

Using Wax Coil 1.Adjustable VoltageClick the power button 3 times continuously to change voltage. Red light: 4.2V (With battery full charged)Yellow light: 3.7VBlue light: 3.2V 2.Preheating FunctionClick the power button twice rapidly to enter 4 seconds pre-heat:The current mode light will flash and when the pre-heat is finished, the light will lighting always. 3.Operating Instructions with 2 methods(Choose one …

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