Aovape eDex Dab Pen

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Aovape eDex Dab Pen

Just when you thought youve seen it all, there is always another to raise the bar!

Introducing the eDex vape pen from Aovape.

The eDex portable pen is the latest offering from the stables of Aovape. The pen vape features an outstanding semi-transparent design and smart engineering that gives a satisfying vaping experience. The Aovape eDex portable vaporizer is one of such devices that make a lasting impression at first look and drag. With its transparent atomizer, this classy, super-efficient and astoundingly finesse device is the perfect combination of form and function.

The eDex provides answers to all your portable vaping concerns. Want more power? The Aovape eDex vape gives you even better with three variable voltage settings and two-step heating. The unique, fully enhanced transparent atomizer offers taste maximization, outstanding vaporization views, increaser airflow and reduced vapor temperature.

The eDex vape is ultra-portable with a sleek design and discreet features that are a statement of class.

Aovape has taken portable vaping to another level, giving you the freedom to ignite your passion and live your dreams. The eDex portable vaporizer is not only First Class, but also a bang for your bucks.

eDex Dab Pen Fetures


The eDex features a smart, compact and sleek design that is discreet yet functional. The Aovape eDex offers vape features that are unique with superior engineering and premium functionality to guarantee a richer vapor and a longer lasting effect.

Made for satisfaction!

The teams at Aovape were able to achieve a perfect balance of smart engineering and style with the eDex, offering modular comfort that is quite unlike any other in its class. There is so much to look forward to with the eDex, but allow me give you a sneak peek of some of the offerings that have led many to rate it the best vape pen on the market today.

Compact Design: The eDex is no bigger than a regular pen. It is compact and sleek, and without obstructive buttons. The eDex bodies a design distinction that is pleasing to the eyes and easy to hold. Standing at just over eleven centimeters tall, the well-rounded shape accentuates the character of this vape pen.

The design style is minimalist, and it is offered in silver and black or for those big on customization, three other distinct shades of colors.

Smart Engineering: The technologically advanced smart features on the Aovape eDex are some of the first in the industry. The vaporizer is designed for work, offering a longer battery life and an on-demand power setting that translates to better vapor quality, savings in energy and concentrate.

Single button operated, the Aovape eDex is simple to use and easy to maintain. The device has two coils (the triple quartz coil and the CBD oil coil) with variable voltage settings for on-demand use. These coils fire your concentrate in the desired settings, creating rich vapor that is parsed through a fully transparent atomizer that allows for maximum visual satisfaction as well as having satisfactory effects.

Even more fun is the color coding of most functions. For instance, the power settings are color-coded in these formats:

  • Blinking Red for the lower power settings
  • Blinking Blue for the medium power settings
  • Blinking Green for the high power settings

The device comes with a 1400mAH battery that’s durable, long-lasting and can get from zero to 100 in just about two and half hours. Typically, on a single charge, the eDex should last for a day or more depending on your usage.


There are plenty of reasons to choose the Aovape eDex, but its performance standards are the most compelling. Beyond the innovative features of the eDex, the vaporizer offers pure satisfaction and a great vaping experience.

Across points such as vapor quality, ease of use and reliability, the eDex portable vape pen is the new standard. The device is able to offer a throughput experience that surpasses all metrics. It’s long lasting and extensively reliable.


Most portable vape pens don’t need so much in accessories, and staying through to its character, the Aovape eDex has kept its cache of accessories simple. The device is supported by a Dab cleaning tool, one triple quartz coil and USB cord for charging.

You can never go wrong with the Aovape eDex vape pen. Beyond vaping, it is fully functional device that accentuates your presence.

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