New Black Ceramic Atomization Core For Oil Pen Cartridge

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We Professional Research and development, design, production of various specifications of black ceramic atomization core, specifications, parameters adjustable, customized. (food-grade raw materials, ROHS international certification) , excellent quality, stable production capacity, free samples, free consultation, free door-to-door technical services, product features are as follows:

Pin binding force, high strength and dimensional consistency of ceramics.

By using special binder and ultra-high temperature sintering process, the high open porosity and high porosity of the ceramic body are ensured, the ceramic body strength is over 200N, the drop resistance and corrosion resistance of the fume oil are good, and the long-term immersion strength of the fume oil is invariable

Through the lapping and infiltration of micron-sized metal particles at high temperature, the metal film and porous ceramic are formed, the bonding force of the film base is strong, and the bonding force of the pin is over 15N, which ensures that the pin does not crack in the assembly process

Through the specific choice of the formula, the ceramic sintering shrinkage rate is low, and in the detection end of the high human input, the ceramic body shipping length size can be controlled within 0.15 mm, oil leakage, burning and low risk.  

1. The first suction experience is good: 0.15 seconds can be quickly heated to the atomization temperature, to achieve rapid atomization;

2. Large amount of smoke: High POROSITY, less thermal conductivity, high energy efficiency, 6.5 w output of smoke 7-8 mg / Mouth;

3. Good taste: raw materials health and environmental protection, sufficient oil supply, high degree of flavor reduction, soft and mellow smoke;

4. Coke taste and leakage less: Ceramic oil fast, peripheral materials and ceramic good match, the whole process of suction without coke taste, leakage risk;

5. Dry Burning performance is good: the risk of breaking up by smoking is less than 1 / 1000, no break occurs in Meng Smoking and emergency smoking.

6. The bonding force of the lead and the strength of the ceramics are high: the Bonding Force at the lead is over 16N and the strength of the ceramics is over 200N;

Kill. HIGH CONSISTENCY OF CERAMIC SIZE: low sintering shrinkage (1.5%) , dimension deviation can be controlled within 0.15 mm.

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